Seriously. Who cares about Lee Pace’s sexuality? Who gives a single fuck about it? Really, come to my askbox and tell me why to know if he is gay or not is so important for you. 

Lee Pace makes me happy every day with his movies, his silly and adorable tweets, his interviews, the precious ALS Bucket Challenge…Why should I care about if he likes men or women? When he is happy, he makes me happy and that is what I should care about, and I will keep supporting him in every way I can as a fan because he deserves it, because he is one of the best actors I have ever seen in my life and because he is a wonderful person.

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+I just needed to say it  +sorry if I offend someone  +lee pace 

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    Have you ever heard that there is a happy middle ground between being totally closeted and totally out? That is called...
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    Thank you, demented-doom, thank you.
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    Would you PLEASE stop pretending that you “don’t give a fuck either way” when you straight-gaze and squee every time...
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    I can only speak for myself but for me I agree, I really couldn’t give a fuck either way. The problem I have is the...
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    THIS, YES, THANK YOU. I’m sick and tired of seeing posts of people who think they’re better than everyone else just...