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Tom Hiddleston.

"An actor can’t call himself an actor without an audience"

An actor from London, Tom Hiddleston, 32 years old, plays the villain Loki in Thor: The Dark World, with Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins.

(This is my own translation, so, I apologize if I mistyped something or I translated something wrong)

His mother, who is from Suffolk, was 
a former stage manager and arts administrator, and his Scottish father is scientist in physical chemistry, who also is the managing director of a pharmaceutical company.

He is the middle child with two sisters. He was raised in Wimbledon, in his early years, and later in Oxford. He studied at the University of Cambridge and he graduated from RADA. Recently, he played F.Scott Fitzgerald in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, also worked with Rachel Weisz in The Deep Blue Sea.

Judging by how popular your character Loki is between the fans, would it be possible to see a solo movie at any given moment?

"Thank you. I always have a hard time looking at these things from the outside. I can’t just see what you see because I’m conscious of everything else. But, honestly, I don’t know. I mean, I would be open to the possibility, but I don’t know how a movie about Loki could exist without Thor. I don’t know. Maybe if Chris signed on."

The cast commented how afraid they were of Anthony Hopkins. Did you feel the same way?

"I didn’t. I was amazed by him, and I still admire him, but I remember when I met him the first time, and he is one of my personal heroes. I remember watching The remains of the day when I was 14 years old, and I still believe is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in my life. But I was training for the fight scenes in a Film Specialists gym in Manhattan beach in December of 2009, before shooting the first Thor movie, and Chris was there and Jaime Alexander and Ray Stevenson and all the specialists, and the door opened, it was a huge hangar door, with cold light, cold, grey walls and we were there inside just practising our moves in the fights, and the door opened and a man full of energy entered. Come to me, he took off the hat and told me “Hello, I’m Tony, I loved your work in Wallander. This is going to be great” And immediately, he was so close and kind, and treated me like an equal. This is why I’m amazed by him. He has been lovely with me.

When we were shooting the first Thor movie, it was my first serious work in Los Angeles, he invited me to breakfast at his home of Malibú, and I think he just realized I was a British actor in my first walk in Hollywood, and just wanted to extend his generosity.”

Natalie Portman told she doesn’t like to talk about her family. Was she open with everybody on the set?

"She was very open. She is a very open person, very receptive, I have never felt she was introvert at all. I guess and I understand, she has been in the public eye all her life, and I’m sure that has something to do with just wanting to keep parts of your life in private, just for yourself.”

Did your family visit you on set?

"My family never visit me on set just because I would find it a distraction. Because from outside I’m sure it looks like a funny place to visit. And it is, however there is a lot of work to do. If my family were there, I would be distracted. I would be worried for them, if they are well attended and if they have enough food. It would be the same if you say ‘Would you let your family to go and visit you at the office?’ Maybe one day. My parents would love to see me working, but is always about to try to find the right moment. I would love to show them the magic, because is really magical when you see how everything works, but sometimes the work is too much and intense, and we are all very focused on keep going with that."

Did Natalie Portman’s family visit her on set?

"Yes, and they were lovely. Natalie has a baby, and Tony was there with his wife. Nobody would think about interfere in the work"

Being the only one from London on set.  How did you feel when you saw London destroyed?

"I’m not the only one from London (laughs). Idris Elba was on the set, and also all the camera crew are British. I love that the sequel has place in London. When I read the script for the first time, it seemed to have a authentic and genuine London spirit in all those scenes. There is a lot of funny moments, irritating traffic wardens and a kind of informal police. It looks like the London I know and I think that was really interesting. In The Avengers, went to New York, in Thor to Santa Fe, Iron Man, often happens in Malibú, and the thing is I never got to see London really decimated on set, because actually we didn’t decimated it. But I love London on the screen because is one of the most wonderful cities in the world and has its own beauty, and the way they filmed was wonderful.

Do you like this movies? To be at Comic Con and specifically this character?

"Yes. If I didn’t, I would be playing the wrong game. I’m an actor, that’s how I play. I love acting. And Comic Con, there is something inherently interpretive about this moment. It was a performance and I enjoyed doing it. And I’m not the first, there are many actors that did the same before me. I love to play this character because possibly, and I have never talked about this before, but is in fact a little effort for me. I don’t look like myself at all. When my hair grows is actually curly and blond and I look like Gene Wilder. (Laughs) I’m this kind of english man, middle class, who had a very kind and nice life, and who got to play this extraordinary character, this character has been existing in the public awareness during 2000 years and is an incarnation of deceit and malice, the Greeks had Dionysus, and the Romans Baco. There is always an agent of chaos in all the mythology who is the representation of a unpredictable delight. And in many mythologies, is Loki. And Stan Lee is smart, because he stole from the Norse myths and said “This is my trickster. This is my joker in the pack”. So yes, for me is in fact a great change, I have to do too much training and a little of reflection on his psychology and appearance, he is really a good character for any actor.”

Would you like to be a trickster in real life?

"(Laughs) I think my part of trickster is really inoffensive. I think everybody likes to play, right? I like to play games, I don’t like to upset people, so my trickster side is very inoffensive.”

Loki gave you fame, something must have changed in your life.

"Well, not really because I don’t look like Loki"

People who like Loki recognise you.

"This is interesting because, honestly, I can’t have your point of view. I don’t know how it must look from your perspective. And most of it, is a pleasure, because regarding to this business, I don’t have to persuade people that I can get a role. For example, is nice to have something people have seen, that people enjoy and admire. When I was starting 5 years ago in Los Angeles and I was knocking on the doors looking for job and that didn’t happen. And you need to show it to this people,  people that would never believe in you. So, doesn’t matter how many times I have said “Please, give me a job, I promise I will work hard, I will be good, will be worth your investment” People don’t like to take risks. So most of it is really nice.”

How makes you feel when fans know who you are?

"The first time I was really surprised, because I never expected it. And I feel very honoured for that and (laughs) and also I have to live with myself, so I know I’m far from being perfect and I have tried to be honest on this matter, I guess. I don’t know, it’s strange. It’s something strange which is hard to get use to. But at the end of the day, if it’s because of my work as an actor, is the best compliment. An actor can’t call himself an actor without an audience. And if the audience is enjoying my work, then, it makes me feel very proud."

Can you tell us something about The Muppets?

"I’m in the movie and is a very little role. People is very excited about my participation on it, which is thrilling, but it’s a really, little, little, little cameo amongst others. I got to play with Tina Fey, Ray Liotta and Danny Trejo."

What can you tell us about James Garfio?

"James Hook is another iconic villain, and I’m giving my voice in an animation movie, which is something I always wanted to do, a character from an animation movie. I grew up watching this Disney movies and I thought it would be fun. They asked me to do Captain Hook and I thought the moment had come. It seemed to be a nice moment like any other, because is such an iconic character. I grew up watching Hans Coried, who plays him in the original Peter Pan, and then Dustin Hoffman in the Spielberg film, and I saw Ian Mckellen playing a Captain Hook in the stage of the National Threatre in London, is fun, and I’m going to play his young version."

Was the experience at Comic Con the closest feeling for an actor to feel like a rock star? This unique audience and this unique character?

"Yes, probably. I know Robert Downey Jr danced through the corridor last year and it took for him half an hour to reach the stage, but at Comic Con we play at home. Is people who watch the movies and who are very loyal. And the truth is that I felt it amazing. I felt like Mick Jagger for a moment (laughs)

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